Child given birth to by woman unaware of pregnancy dies

Hulhumeedhoo Health Centre. (Photo/Maahil Hassan Didi)

A child who was given birth to by a woman from Addu City’s Hulhudhoo, who was unaware of her pregnancy, has passed away.

The incident occurred at Hulhumeedhoo Health Centre, sometime this dawn.

Ibrahim Didi, who is in charge of the operations at Hulhumeedhoo Health Centre, told Sun that the woman was brought to the Centre at dawn, due to stomach pain. He detailed that she had given birth subsequently – whereas the child had passed away mere two minutes later.

Ibrahim Didi said that the child would have been about four months.

“The mother of the child was unaware she was pregnant,” he added.

Hulhumeedhoo Health Centre said that the woman is currently being treated at Addu Equatorial Hospital.

A similar incident had taken at Hulhumeedhoo Health Centre prior to this. A woman had given birth to a child after carrying it to full term, on May 25, 2020 – although she was unaware of her pregnancy. At the time of birth, the baby was in good health.