New year to be celebrated on major scale at Maafushi despite being under monitoring

K. Maafushi. (Sun Photo/Mohamed Muzayyin Nazim)

K. Maafushi Council has stated that new year will be celebrated at a major scale on the island despite it being placed under monitoring mechanisms subsequent a group of people testing positive for COVID-19.

Maafushi was placed under monitoring mechanisms this evening.

Maafushi is the island at which guesthouse tourism is the most popular in the Maldives. New years are always celebrated on a major scale on the island.

Whilst several positive cases have been detected from the island ahead of the new year, subsequent to which it has been placed under monitoring mechanisms – Maafushi Council President Hassan Salah said that these factors will not obstruct the celebrations of new year on the island.

“We have planned to carry out the celebratory activities. In line with HPA guidelines. We celebrated new year under worst circumstances last year,” he had said.

Salah said that although the island is under monitoring – there will be no difficulties in traveling in and out of Maafushi.

“HPA has informed that there will be no travel restrictions as 95 percent of the residential population are fully vaccinated,” he had said.

At present, there are 21 active cases at Maafushi. Salah said that the Council has made wearing masks mandatory at public spaces and shops as a safety measure.

Multiple events have been planned for new year under the theme ‘Season Greeting’. They include a firework show and a gala show, with dinner.