HDC cannot sell Hulhumale' land with case ongoing: Male’ City Council

Male’ City Mayor Dr. Mohamed Muizzu. (Sun Photo/Naail Hussain)

Male’ City council on Tuesday claimed that Housing Development Corporation (HDC) cannot sell land from Hulhumale' while there is an ongoing court case regarding the ownership of the land in question.

HDC on Monday announced the sale of 60 land plots from the Phase 2 area, with 26 plots on the beachfront and 34 plots on the beachside.

The City Council released a statement in response, in which it was noted that the council has decided to appeal Civil Court ruling to put half on the council’s move to terminate the land registry of Hulhumale' and bring the suburb under their jurisdiction.

“We do not that HDC can lawfully sell land from Hulhumale' Phase 2 while the issue of ownership has not been settled and is still court,” read the council’s statement.

The council also noted that as Hulhumale' falls under the council’s jurisdiction, the authority’s input was not taken prior to the decision making.

Furthermore, the council strongly condemned “the move to sell land to the wealthy while there are so many in dire need of housing”.

The city council had passed the decision to cancel the land registry with a majority vote of 12 councillors during a meeting on December 8.

Following this, HDC submitted a case to Civil Court, stating that this violates the right to property guaranteed under the Maldivian Constitution, Article 24 (b) of the Land Act and the Decentralization Act.

HDC was awarded the reclaimed land as part of Hulhumale’ Phase 2 for the establishment of flats and other development projects by the Housing Ministry when current Male’ City Mayor Dr Mohamed Muizzu was the Minister. At that time, Hulhumale’ Phase 1 was already in the jurisdiction of HDC.