MIFCO to only weigh five-ton fish for each vessel per day starting tomorrow

Local fishermen fish on a fishing vessel.

Maldives Industrial Fisheries Company (MIFCO) has announced its decision to only weigh five-ton fish for each fishing vessel starting from tomorrow – at a time where the country is now experiencing a high fishing season.

The company detailed that the decision had to be taken due to the overwhelming amount of fish brought by fishing vessels for weighing – whereas it would take time to weigh the fish caught by vessels currently in queue and freeze them. However, the MIFCO stressed that fish weighing for those vessels that have already been issued tokens by its centers – will continue without interruption.

MIFCO also noted that they had weighed fish without interruption during the last four Fridays as well – although they usually do not do so on Fridays.

Nevertheless, the company said that they are implementing control measures in purchasing fish in light of any difficulties which might be faced by an interruption of weighing fish at a time the country is expiring an unusual high fishing season – subsequent to which fishing vessels from across the country is seeking MIFCO’s services.

In addition to this, MIFO said that they are receiving more fish than their freezing capacity – which had overloaded its cold storage facilities. Despite this, the company said that loading and exporting by bringing carrier boats are being carried out by the company without interruption as well.

As per their statistics, MIFCO has purchased 10,000-ton more fish so far this year than what was purchased in the whole of last year. In December alone, the company has purchased 8.796 tons of fish – whereas the company expects this number to climb up to 10,500 by the end of this month.

MIFCO said that despite the changes brought to fish weighing capacity – they will still be able to purchase 400 to 500 tons of fish per day.

MIFCO also gave assurance that the government projects planned for the company to develop their resources will address the difficulties faced in purchasing fish from fishermen. They added that they are working alongside the government to find solutions for difficulties faced in weighing fish during high fishing seasons.