Transport Minister Dr Shamheed dismissed

Minister of Transport and Communication Dr Ahmed Shamheed has been dismissed from his post.

This has been confirmed by Media Secretary of President’s Office Masood Imad.

Dr Shamheed, who is a member of Jumhooree Party (JP), was dismissed shortly after the announcement of the extension of the lease period of Maamigili Airport to JP Leader Gasim Ibrahim for 99 years.

A senior official of the government said that the decision to extend the lease period was made at a meeting of the Economic Committee, made up of Finance Minister Abdullah Jihad, Fisheries Minister Ahmed Shafeeu, Housing Minister Dr Mohamed Muizz, Environment Minister Mariyam Shakeela, Tourism Minister Ahmed Adheeb and Transport Minister Dr Shamheed.

He informed that this is a decision that requires the approval of the Cabinet.

Government Spokesperson Abbas Adil Riza said that Minister of Defence Mohamed Nazim has been appointed as the Acting Minister of Transport and Communication.

He said that a member of JP will be appointed to the post of Transport Minister.

“That slot has been reserved for JP by the President,” Abbas said.

Dr Shamheed has been accused of corruption in a case involving GMR; allegations which have been denied by the former Transport Minister.