President Solih inaugurates Greater Malé Waste to Energy Project

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih speaking at the launch of the Greater Male’ Waste-to-Energy Project on December 15, 2021. (Photo/President's Office)

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih inaugurated the Greater Male’ Waste to Energy Project during a ceremony held at Hotel Jen on Wednesday morning.

Speaking at the gathering, the President stated that although his administration’s environmental protection policy does not preclude proper waste management, it was comprehensive enough to encompass the reduction of hazardous waste.

He went on to note that proper waste management has been an ongoing challenge for Maldives due to the unique challenges in safe transportation of waste that come with the dispersed nature of the islands.

“Solving these problems require innovative and ambitious projects such as this one.”

Highlining the unsustainable way the regional waste management facility in Thilafush has been run in the past, President Solih said that the smoke produced from the facility had caused severe air pollution and challenges to residents of Villimale’ and was ceased in September 2021.

“Through this project, significant improvements have been made to how we collect, transfer and deposit of waste in the Greater Male’ region and other areas. The project is already starting to make a difference,” said the President.

The project branded as one of the largest waste management initiatives in Maldives extends from the Greater Male’ region to Ari and Vaavu Atoll, costs USD 304 million.

Additionally, he spoke on how this initiative would create a cleaner environment and decrease greenhouse gas emissions. He further stated that waste production increases with economic and infrastructure development, but assured that the administrations waste management policy intends to address waste disposal across the country.

“I look forward to seeing phase in action, and for the Maldives to be placed on the map as a global leader in sustainable waste management.”

The Greater Malé Waste to Energy Project is carried out with the assistance of the Asian Development Bank (ADB), Japan Fund for Poverty Reduction, Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), and Japan Fund for the Joint Crediting Mechanism, Technical Assistance Special Fund, and the Islamic Development Bank (IDB).