School student under investigation for alleged rape of multiple girls, including toddler sister

Maldives Police Service headquarters. ((File Photo/Sun/Ihthisham Mohamed)

Police have opened an investigation into a school student who has allegedly confessed to raping multiple girls, including his two-year-old sister. 

Screenshots of text messages in which he allegedly confesses to the crimes have been circulating on social media platforms. 

In the messages, the student confesses to raping over 15 young girls, including his sister. He also makes age-inappropriate comments. 

The screenshots show he is a student completing his higher secondary education in a school in Male’ City. 

A police spokesperson said on Sunday evening that the case has come to the attention of the police, and that they are looking into the case. 

Sun has been informed that the mother of the student is a senior teacher at his school, while his father is a police officer. 

The screenshots have been met with mass outrage, with many taking to social media to demand that authorities investigate and take action against the student.