Police investigate after Baarah school principal’s motorbike torched

HA. Baarah school principal's motorbike was torched on November 23, 2021. (Photo/Baarah Council)

Police have opened an investigation after a motorbike owned by principal of the school in HA. Baarah was found torched. 

Baarah Council’s president Sofaath Mohamed told Sun the incident took place on Monday night. He said that the motorbike had been parked at the principal’s residence, and that the gates to the residence had been locked. 

“We therefore believe it was done by climbing over the wall,” he said. 

Sofaath said the exact motive for the act of arson remains unclear, but he believes it most likely related to the principal’s work at the school. 

“We are unable to say exactly why. We are seeing major progress in the education sector due to the current changes to the education system. So, I believe there are some people who are unhappy with this. But I am unable to say a specific reason,” he said. 

HA. Baarah school principal's motorbike was torched on November 23, 2021. (Photo/Baarah Council)

Sofaath said the principal began working at the local school in mid-2020. And that the council is unhappy he suffered such an attack. 

“We don’t want to see such incidents in this island. It will have a huge impact on education in this island. We will, God willing, work with the police to ensure incidents such as this that open room for instability within the community, do not repeat,” he said. 

A police spokesperson said a case involving a motorbike being torched in Baarah was reported to police on early Tuesday. 

Police said that the motorbike was burnt beyond repair, and that additional damages from the fire were also found at the residence where the motorbike was parked. 

Police said they are investigating the case but have yet to make an arrest.