Bill submitted to allow six-month maternity leave for judges

Justice Aisha Shujoon and Justice Dr. Amiralda Zahir take their oath as Supreme Court justices on September 4, 2019. (Photo/President's Office)

A government bill was submitted to the Parliament on Monday to amend the law to allow six-month maternity leave for judges. 

The bill to amend the Judges Act was sponsored by Kanditheem MP Abdulla Shaheem. 

Maldives changes regulations to extend maternity leave to six months and paternity leave to one month for civil servants in March 2019. State-owned companies and many other organizations have also followed suit. 

The first reading of the bill to amend the Judges Act was held at the Parliament on Monday afternoon. 

The bill states that all judges have the right to maternity and paternity leave. It states that judges will receive six months as maternity leave and one month as paternity leave. 

The Judicial Service Commission had asked the Attorney General’s Bill to draft the bill in February last year.