A Food Security Program and Fertigation System launched at Kandoodhoo

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih launches a Food Security Program and Fertigation System at Th. Kandoodhoo on October 15, 2021. (Photo/President's Office)

As part of the festivities ongoing to mark the occasion of National Farmers’ Day – President Ibrahim Mohamed has launched a Food Security Program and Fertigation System at Th. Kandoodhoo.

In launching the Food Security Program – President Solih presently commonly grown local plants to three farmers from Kandoodhoo.

The Food Security Program aims to promote the production and easy access to locally-grown healthy food items and reinvigorate the use of traditional nutritious ingredients used in Maldivian cuisine. Another aim is to ensure easy availability of nutritious food items during an event of food scarcity.

In launching the Fertigation System – President Solih had presented the first package of eco-friendly, organic fertilizers and pesticides to Kandoodhoo Women’s Development Committee – which is to be used to introduce and encourage the use of organic and eco-friendly methods of dealing with pests and other difficulties faced whilst farming at the island.

They were also presented with an agroforestry farming plot – which is equipped with an advanced solar-powered plant watering system and a fertigation system that combines fertilization and irrigation by injecting all water-soluble farming elements into an irrigation system.

After the launch of the Food Security Program and the Fertigation System – President Solih also officially inaugurated the Food Exhibition at Kandoodhoo’s Mauloodhu Haruge.

The Food Exhibition is a collaborative initiative of Kandoodhoo Island Council and Ministry of Fisheries, Marine Resources and Agriculture. It aims to xhibit, promote and advertise locally produced food items and to display food products created from fresh locally-grown ingredients, in one place.

This exhibition will be held today and tomorrow – which has stalls from four islands of Thaa Atoll, two stalls from Kandoodhoo and one from Agro National Corporation (AgroNAT).

At this event – he also launched the Farmers Handbook; a publication by AgroNAT.

President Solih declared October 15 as National Famers’ Day in 2020. This is the first time activities of this magnitude are being held to commemorate the day.

The primary objective of annually commemorating National Farmers’ Day is to recognize the farming community’s effort and contribution to ensure food security. It is also aimed at promoting the farming vocation whilst also connecting the day to World Food Day – in order to allow farmers to showcase their products and plan events in conjunction with the days.

Whilst October 15 is marked as National Farmers’ Day – October 16 is celebrated internationally as World Food Day.

President Solih is set to conclude his trip and return to Male’ City on Saturday.