Import, customs revenue increase and exports decrease in September

Male' Commercial Harbor. (File Photo/Sun/Jazlan Mohamed)

Similar to this August – imports and customs revenue for the government has increased whilst exports had decreased during this September.

Statistics publicized by Maldives Customs show that exports fell by 13 percent this September – when compared to the same period of last year.

In this regard, in this September goods worth MVR 328 million were exported from Maldives – whereas good worth MVR 378 million were exported in last September.

The most common types of good exported from the Maldives are fish products. As such – the highest number of goods were exported to Thailand in this September. This is followed by the UK, Germany, France and Italy, respectively.

Within this September – good valued at MVR 3.6 billion was imported to Maldives. This is a 90 percent increase compared the same period last year – with just MVR 1.9 billion worth of goods being imported during last September.

The countries from which the most number of goods have been imported to the Maldives within this September are as follows;

  1.           Oman: MVR 603 million worth of goods
  2.           China: MVR 441 million worth of goods
  3.           India: MVR 434 million worth of goods
  4.           UAE: MVR 418 million worth of goods
  5.           Singapore: MVR 316 million worth of goods

Customs revenue received for the government thought duties and fees taken from imported and exported goods for this September increased by 137 percent when compared to the same period last year.