National Youth Day to be officially celebrated at Kulhudhuffushi this year

A group of local youths gathered to play cards. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

Youth Ministry has decided that official activities to mark the National Youth Day will be held at Kulhudhuffushi City this year.

Youth Ministry’s Director Saudhath Afeef said that in addition to the official activities – the Youth Awards ceremony will also be held at Kulhudhuffushi City.

Saudhath further detailed that the activities will kick-off on next Sunday – and will prolong until October 23.

Some of the activities which will be held within these time period includes a journalism training program, life skills training program, parent awareness program and a multitude of sports events.


“The main, and the most official event that will be held however, is the Youth Awards ceremony which will be held on October 22,” Saudhath added.

Apart from the activities at Kulhudhuffushi City – special activities on the occasion of National Youth Day will also be held in the Male’ area. In this regard, a live event and an art event will be held at Male’ Rasrani Bageecha and Usfasgandu. Special activities will also be held at Vilimale’ and Hulhumale’.

Smaller-scaled social events, awareness programs and sports activities will also take place in all inhabited islands in the Maldives.

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih declared October 22 as the National Youth Day in 2019 – to be celebrated annually starting from 2020.

The date was chosen because on October 22, 2007, the Maldivian Parliament passed the hallmark Act enabling voting rights for Maldivian citizens of 18 years and above.