State fails to prove charge against man involved in fatal accident

Criminal Court. (File Photo/Sun/Fayaz Moosa)

Criminal Court has acquitted a man charged in connection to an accident in Male’ City which injured a Chinese national, who later died in hospital. 

Ibrahim Haffaf Malik Abdul Razzaq, Ma. Rosemead, Male’ City, was charged with disobedience in connection to the case. 

The accident in question took place at approximately 02:45 pm on September 20, 2014, in front of the Parliament building. Haffaf – who was 19 years at the time – crashed into Jiatai Ju, 50, with his motorbike. 

Jiatai sustained severe head injuries in the accident, and passed away in a hospital on September 24, 2014. 

The State prosecuted Haffaf citing he was driving without a license and was speeding when he drove along Lonuziyaaraih Magu. 

Criminal Court issued its ruling in the case last Thursday. 

The court found Haffaf was denied his constitutional rights during the investigation into the case as he was not informed of the charge against him. 

The court ruled that the evidence submitted by the State fail to prove the injuries Jiatai sustained was caused by Haffaf.