Dhuvaafaru under monitoring for 84 days, active cases increased to 147

R. Dhuvaafaru.

R. Dhuvaafaru has been under monitoring mechanism for 84 days – whereas active cases on the island have increased to 147.

The island was placed under monitoring mechanisms on May 25, subsequent to recording a positive case.

Speaking to Sun today, Dhuvaafaru Council President Hassan Hakeem had stated that random samples were still being taken from the island. Noting that there was a community spread on the island – he detailed that actives cases on the island have increased 147 as of now.

Hakeem also added that vaccination on the island was going ahead at full speed despite the community spread.

“Dhuvaafaru still has a community spread – but the vaccination program is going ahead at full speed. A total of 1,862 residents have received their first dose, out of which 1,509 residents have also received their second dose,” he had said.

Hakeem also noted that a lot of the island residents were presently undergoing quarantine – even apart from those infected.

He also expressed concerns as the island lacked health professionals and facilities to care for patients who end up in critical conditions. In this regard, he noted that during last week a two-year-old COVID-19 patient had to be transferred to Eydhafushi Covid Facility for further treatment – whereas three island residents are being treated in Male’ City at present.

“The health center does not have the appropriate medical facilities and staff. We only have a general doctor here. However, we recently were provided with a ventilator,” Hakeem had said.

Four COVID-19 related deaths have been recorded from Dhuvaafaru so far.

Due to the existing community spread on the island, a curfew is 12-hour imposed from 16:00 to 04:00. Only permit-holders are allowed outside during curfew hours.

Moreover, there is a ban from going outside unless for essential needs even during non-curfew hours.

In addition to this, gatherings of three or more have also been banned. Public spaces such as parks have also been closed and taped off.