Additional allowance allocated for teachers moving islands to teach

January 14, 2018: A classroom of a school in Male' City. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

Education Minister Dr. Aishath Ali has stated that teachers who move to another inhabited island to teach on the request of the Ministry will be granted an additional allowance.

Speaking at a press conference held by the Education Ministry today, Minister Aishath noted that there are Islam and Quran teachers available at bigger and populous islands – however that the Ministry was struggling to find teachers for smaller islands.

“The President had personally prioritized this and approved this. A teacher who has moved to another island on our request will be given an additional allowance. It has been arranged that way now,” Minister Aishath had said.

She also added that the Ministry has begun a training program to ease the difficulties in getting teachers for these subjects.

In this regard, the Ministry will be training 200 teachers in collaboration with the Islamic University of Maldives and the Islamic Centre. The Ministry noted that they would be prioritizing the islands at which Quran teachers are unavailable while selecting teachers for the training.

Minister Aishath also noted that they have begun training teachers in collaboration with training institutions for subjects that the Ministry has been unable to get teachers for - that will be sufficient enough for the next 10 years.