Tree Top opens Maldives’ first child nutrition clinic

Tree Top Hospital, located in Hulhumale'. (File Photo/Sun/Mohamed Afrah)

Tree Top Hospital, a tertiary hospital located in suburban Hulhumale’, has opened the first child nutrition clinic in the Maldives. 

Tree Top Hospital said the biggest purpose of opening the new clinic is to affect positive changes in the Maldivian healthcare system, especially when it comes to facilitating access to professional nutritionists who can provide proper guidance on nutritional needs and promote a healthier lifestyle. 

Tree Top Hospital said its new clinic will provide screening and counselling services, as well as age-appropriate treatments. 

Statistics released by Health Ministry and UNICEF show 17 percent of children under the age of 5 years in Maldives are underweight, while 22 percent are obese. 

Tree Top Hospital said the child nutrition clinic aims to prevent children from facing such health issues, identify existing health issues and eating habits of children, and guide the children and their families on healthy habits. 

Each child will be given instructions and information specific to their nutritional needs. 

The clinic will also conduct sessions for parents on the nutritional needs of newborn children.