Remand of individual who threatened to bomb Mulee’aage extended

Mulee’aage captured lit up at night (Photo/President's Office)

The remand of individual arrested for threatening to bomb the official residence of the President - Mulee’aage – has been extended.

On July 9, two individuals that passed by Mulee’aage were arrested for claiming to have been carrying a bomb. Later that day, one of the two individuals arrested was confirmed to have been released as the Police had deemed that there was no substantial reason to keep this person in custody – citing that this person had not actually made such a threat. 

The individual who had actually made the threat was remanded in custody for seven days on July 10.

A media official from the Police confirmed to Sun today that his remand has been extended by additional 15 days.

At the time of his arrest, he was carrying a box, a suitcase, and a red plastic bag. As per the Police, they are charging him with threatening and intimidation of carrying out an act of terrorism and making false claims.