Special parking zone created in Male' for Vilimale’ residents

Special parking zone created in Male' City for Vilimale' residents. (Photo/Male' City Council)

A special parking zone has been created in Male’ City for Vilimale’ residents in order to park four-wheeled vehicles.

Male’ City Council had built the new parking zone at the west side of Male’ City – in front of the Tsunami Monument Park.

According to the City Council, the parking lot can capacitate up to 20 four-wheeled vehicles to include cars, vans and pick-ups that weigh less than 350 kilos.

The parking spaces will be issued to 15 residents of Vilimale’ that own a four-wheeled vehicle and the remaining five spaces will be issued to residents of Vilimale’ who drive a four-wheeled vehicle.

City Council also added that they would announce to apply for the parking spaces very soon – which can be done through submitting a letter Council. When submitting the letter, copies of the applicant’s ID card, vehicle registry, roadworthiness and annual fee must be attached to the letter.

The City Council issues parking spaces at the rate of MVR 750 per month to cars and pick-ups that have the taxi board. Remaining categories of vehicles are awarded parking spaces at a rate of MVR 1,500 per month – which has been decreased to MVR 1,000 per month until further notice in the light of the ongoing pandemic.