China to Nasheed: Will publicly oppose the practice of 'flexing muscles' targeting China

Chinese Ambassador Mr. Zhang Lizhong (C) with Parliament Speaker, former President Mohamed Nasheed (R). (Photo/People's Majlis)

The Chinese Embassy in the Maldives has stated that China will publicly oppose the practice of 'flexing muscles' targeting China. 

The Embassy had made this statement in response to a tweet published by Parliament Speaker, former President Mohamed Nasheed supporting the entry of British Carrier Strike Group into the South China Sea near Spratly Islands.

In his tweet, Nasheed had stated that he was pleased to see the entrance of a British Carrier Strike Group to South China near Spratly Islands – which ensures the right of navigation in the area.  

In response to this, the Chinese Embassy tweeted that China would not impose the right to navigation and overflight in waters surrounding China.

“We respect the freedom of navigation and overflight in waters around China enjoyed by countries in accordance with international law, but firmly opposes the practice of flexing muscles targeting China, which undermines China's sovereignty and security and sabotages regional peace and stability,” they had said.

Nasheed has made various statements regarding China as of late. This has been raised as an issue by the country previously as well.

Recently, a group of youths had also protested against China in the Male’ City. 

Researchers expect such acts to have an adverse effect on the diplomatic relations maintained between Maldives and China.