Man drowns in Fulhadhoo while trying to rescue a group of kids

B. Fulhadhoo.

A person has died in a drowning accident in B. Fulhadhoo – while trying to rescue a group of kids who were drifting along with the sea current. 

Fulhadhoo Council has confirmed the identity of the victim as a 30-year-old Maldivian man. The Council further detailed that the accident took place at around 12:20 this afternoon. 

The victim had drowned in the process of rescuing a group of kids who had gone swimming at the west side beach of the island – that had ended up falling victim to strong currents and subsequently drifting along with it.

Fulhadhoo Council also confirmed that all the children had survived the incident and that they are in good health. 

The Council also noted that both the victim and the children are outsiders who were visiting Fulhadhoo for the holidays.

The victim was already dead by the time he was taken to Funadhoo Health Centre.

Arrangements are being made to transport the body of the victim to Male’ upon the request of his family.