Dhuvaafaru residents protest over extended monitoring period

Residents gather near R. Dhuvaafaru Health Center to protest on July 16, 2021. (Photo/Dhuvaafaru Live)

Residents of R. Dhuvaaru has protested yesterday expressing the difficulties faced by them due to the island being under monitoring mechanisms for an extended period of time.

Many residents gathered for the protest near the island’s Health Center. Manager of the Health Center Amir Ahmed confirmed to Sun that on Friday evening, residents had gathered near the Health Center – where they expressed their discontent and concerns over the island still being under monitoring mechanisms.

“They also highlighted the difficulties faced when it comes to quarantine on the island. Additionally, they also noted that other islands were being taken off of monitoring status – while Dhuvaafaru has been not. We responded to them by pointing out that for as long as there were active cases on the island – the island cannot be taken off monitoring. Moreover, it is not a decision that we can make in the first place,” Amir had said.

Following the protest, Amir notes that the island’s task force would convene a meeting to review these concerns and find a solution to them.

Dhuvaafaru was put under monitoring on May 25. Since then, a total of 372 cases have been recorded from the island up until now. 26 people have tested positive within the last 24 hours even. The island presently has 166 active cases as well.