Kamaluddin: People are worried, problem is top state officials

Abdulla Kamaluddin. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

Former Minister Abdulla Kamaaluddin (AK) has stated that the current situation of the Maldives is extremely worrisome to its citizens.

Speaking at a television program broadcasted by Dhivehi Channel last night, he highlighted that there is an abundance of issues in the political field that needs fixing – and such issues have not been fixed due to hatred and jealousy amongst people.

“It is not correlated to democracy. As I see it, those who currently stand in power are failing to address these matters constructively,” Kamaaluddin, who served as a member of former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom’s cabinet had said.

He further explained that there are many citizens among us that are concerned over such national issues and wish to tackle and solve them. Kamaluddin cites this as one of the main reasons he is forming a new political party.

In his talk, Kamaluddin also expressed his concern over the country’s divided views against some neighboring countries – adding that the Maldives needs security from its neighboring countries whereas we should also guarantee the security of theirs in return. He also expressed concern over the religious situation in the Maldives - highlighting that at a point in time almost no one wanted to be rid of the Islamic religion in the Maldives whereas the situation is no longer the same. 

Kamaluddin began his political career with Maumoon. He later became a member of Jumhoory Party (JP), but rejoined Maumoon after he resumed political work.

He was involved in the creation of Maumoon’s Maldives Reform Movement (MRM), and ran for the Parliament with Maumoon’s backing in 2019 elections.

However, he left MRM on June 30 with the vision to form a new political party by the name of ‘National Solidarity Party’. While he has applied to register the party this week, Kamaluddin has stated that his purpose in forming this party is to address the need for the birth of a new political philosophy to honor Islam, safeguard Maldives’ independence, empower the people with civil liberties and strengthen social welfare - with the support of other like-minded individuals.