President nominates Hussain Niyazy for Auditor General

Hussain Niyazy (Photo:MAF)

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has nominated Assistant Auditor General Hussain Niyaz as the new Auditor General, and sent his name to the parliament for approval.

The post became vacant upon the resignation of former Auditor General Hassan Ziyath on May 12, following which it was opened to the public to apply for position.

In a letter sent to the parliament today by President Solih, he stated that he is nominating Hussain Niyazy of G. Aifa from the applicants for the post of Auditor General following the resignation of Ziyath and to report back the parliament’s decision on the matter..

Niyazy was appointed as the Assistant Auditor General back In 2011.

It is likely that the matter will be sent for review to the relevant standing committee of the parliament today. 

Former Auditor General Hassan Ziyath resigned from his post after he was named on a list of suspected beneficiaries of the MMPRC corruption scandal.