Maldives launches Halal Travel platform for Muslim tourists

Launching of the Halal Tourism Platform.

The Maldives has launched a Halal Travel platform for GCC travelers. 

The platform was launched in the Arabian Travel Market (ATM fair currently underway in Dubai, by the Managing Director of Maldives Marketing and PR Corporation (MMPRC) Thoyyib Mohamed today. 

The platform was launched to increase travelers from the GCC market and especially Muslim tourists to the Maldives. A special magazine was also launched alongside the platform. 

The platform will be headed by Managing Director Dr. Hussain Sunny whose Ph.D. thesis was also developing Halal Tourism in the Maldives. Dr. Sunny said that the Maldivian travel market was very much dependant on specific markets which damaged the nation a lot during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Dr. Sunny said that the situation showed the importance of diversifying the focus of the Maldives on different segments. He said that the Maldives being a 100 percent Muslim country, could see an increase of Muslim tourists by marketing with such a focus. 

Under the Halal Tourism platform conferences, PR and marketing campaigns, friendly travel ratings will be conducted in addition to issuing the magazine. Under the platform, PR campaigns and news will be brought in Arabic and the Maldives will also focus on predominantly Muslim nations such as Malaysia and Indonesia as well. 

Heritance Aarah and Adaaran Resorts have already signed up for the Halal Travel Platform.