Maldives takes part in the Arabian Travel Market (ATM)

The Maldivian stand at the Arabian Travel Market fair.

The Maldives is taking part in the Arabian Travel Market (ATM) fair, which is one of the biggest tourism fairs to be held in the Middle East. 

Maldives Marketing and PR Corporation (MMPRC) stated that the fair which started yesterday and is set to conclude on May 19, is being taken part by 37 different tourist facilities and 69 representatives. 

Experiences for tourists in the Maldives will be showcased at the fair and the stand of the Maldives is also designed to display the natural beauty of the nation, according to MMPRC.

MMPRC said that the Maldives will be showcased in a manner conveying the safety of the nation during the COVID-19 pandemic and also through the fact that the Maldives has the highest number of visitors currently. 

The live event of the ATM is to be held from May 16-19 with a virtual event to be held from 24-26. The virtual event will also be taken part by the MMPRC. 

The Middle East is an important tourist market for the Maldives. A number of efforts are being undertaken to promote and market the country in the market. A roadshow is also to be held in Dubai today. 

The Maldives in the pandemic hit 2020, saw 26,288 visitors from the Middle East, while so far in 2021, the nation has received 7,729 visitors from the market. A number of airlines from the region currently operate to the Maldives.