Tidal waves hit Hoarafushi Airport amidst bad weather

May 14, 2021: A glass sheet of the Hoarafushi Airport terminal was blown down during bad weather. (Photo/Social Media)

Hoarafushi Airport has sustained damage as a result of huge tidal waves due to the bad weather currently being experienced in the Maldives. 

An individual speaking from the island said that the runway and the highway of the airport sustained damage due to the tidal waves. Debris, as well as sand sediment, have been washed up on shore on the runway as a result of the waves.

Flights to the airport have been disrupted as a result of the bad weather. A glass sheet of the airport terminal was shattered after being blown away during the strong winds.

Apart from Hoarafushi, other islands of the north including Kulhudhuffushi City have suffered damage as a result of the bad weather spell. The roof of the city school also sustained damage.

May 14, 2021: MNDF officers nailing down the roof of a house in Kulhudhuffushi during a spell of bad weather. (Photo/MNDF)

The Maldives Meteorological Services (Met Office) has warned that the weather situation could last for the next three days. Seas are expected to be rough and the weather is expected to hit the hardest for the central and northern regions of the country. 

The bad weather is a result of the weather formations in the Arabian Sea, according to the Met Office which warned that there was a chance of a storm forming. 

A yellow alert has been issued for the regions from HA. Atoll to V. Atoll. Winds of up to 25-30 miles could be experienced which could rise to 55 miles per hour during gusts.