Maldives records 91,200 tourist arrivals in April

Tourists at Velana International Airport. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

Statistics released by Tourism Ministry show Maldives recorded 91,200 tourist arrivals in the month of April this year.

According to tourist arrival statistics released by Tourism Ministry, total 389,770 tourists visited Maldives between January 1 to April 30.

The highest daily tourist arrivals in April were recorded on Friday, April 2, with 5,141 tourist arrivals.


  1. India
  2. Russia
  3. Ukraine
  4. Germany
  5. Kazakhstan

Tourist arrivals in April was lower than the arrivals in March – when Maldives had recorded over 100,000 tourist arrivals. The drop in arrivals is linked with the rapid spread of COVID-19 in India – Maldives’ top source market – leading to a drop visits by Indian tourists.

Statistics released by Tourism Ministry show tourists stay an average of 9.3 days in Maldives.

The average number of daily tourist arrivals is 3,040.

Maldives has 47,475 operational tourist beds at present.