Eydhafushi confirms 25 COVID-19 cases in single day

B. Eydhafushi. (Photo/Abdulla Abeer)

A total of 25 cases of COVID-19 were identified on the island of B. Eydhafushi yesterday alone. 

Eydhafushi was brought under monitoring mechanisms on Monday after cases were identified in the island. Eydhafushi Council President Thalaal Abdul Rahman said that a total of 25 cases were identified from the island yesterday alone. 

"411 samples collected from the island in the last two days saw 25 positive cases. A total of 37 people have tested positive from the island now," said Thalaal.

Thalaal said that the source of the disease could not be identified but that a number of people had traveled to the island for the recently held local council elections. 

He said that there were two main scenarios of how the virus spread to the island where one was from a voter who traveled to the island from Male' or a crew member of a speedboat that traveled between the island and Male' City. 

"We have received complaints that speedboat crews traveling to the capital often disembark to Male'," said Thalaal. 

HPA has requested anyone who traveled to the island and from the island to report themselves in. A number of people from Male' City traveled to other islands in the nation for the easements introduced for the council elections.