Spanish airline Iberia to operate Maldives-Madrid route

Iberia will be commencing operations between Madrid and Maldives in July/August 2021.

Spanish Airline Iberia will be starting direct flights between the Maldives and Madrid. 

The airline will be starting the flights in July-August. Two flights will be held every week under these operations. 

Iberia’s Executive Chairman Javier Sanchez said that the operations were started due to the easy arrangements made by the nation for travel and to cover the losses inflicted on the airline during the summer of last year.

Recent easements have been introduced in the Maldives and travelers are no longer required to present a 96-hour negative PCR test, if they have completed both doses of the COVID-19. 

The Maldives will also commence vaccine tourism whereby visitors will be offered the chance to get vaccinated upon arriving in the Maldives after the entire eligible population of the nation is vaccinated. 

Tourism Ministry statistics show that a total of 350,388 tourists had traveled to the Maldives so far in 2021.