Online payments for Zakat al-Fitr accepted in Male’ region

Residents of Male' City offer Zakat al-Fitr at the collection point set up at the Ministry of Islamic Affairs. (File Photo/Ministry of Islamic Affairs)

Islamic Ministry has announced that they will be accepting Zakat al-Fitr payments virtually in the greater Male’ region this year as a safety measure against the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Islamic Ministry states that residents of Male’ City and suburban Hulhumale’ and Vilimale’ can make their Zakat al-Fitr payments via the Dhiraagu Pay website, the NowMV app and SMS, Ooredoo m-Faisaa app and SMS.

Payments can also be made via the Bank of Maldives (BML) website, or the Maldives Islamic Bank (MIB)’s FaisaNet app, or from the counters of the bank’s branches in Male’ and Hulhumale’.

Payments can also be made through the FahiPay app and portal.


Regular rice: MVR 12

Thailand white rice: MVR 52

Basmati rice (standard): MVR 65

Basmati rice (high quality): MVR 89

Basmati rice (highest quality): MVR 125

Red rice: MVR 78

Regular flour: MVR 10

Whole wheat flour: MVR 59

Collection of Zakat al-Fitr in islands outside of greater Male’ region will be managed by local councils.