16 islands up for tourism development project bids

A Google earth shot of M. Seedhee Huraa.

The Tourism Ministry of the Maldives has opened bids for 15 islands for tourism development purposes. 

The Ministry specified that foreigners, as well as locals, can submit bids for the islands. 

An information session is to be held for prospective bidders via zoom on April 29 and registration for the information session is to be made before the 28th.

Bid documents are available from the Ministry website and the reception of the Ministry will also be issuing the documents from April 14 to June 6. The islands up for bids include some islands that the Ministry has previously opened for similar projects but did not receive sufficient interest from parties. 


The islands up for bids are:

  • HA. Velifinolhu
  • HA. Alidhuhfaru Finolhu
  • HDh. Kudafaru Fasgandu
  • M. Seedhee Huraa, M Seedhee Huraa Veligandu
  • M. Maaufushi
  • Th. Kaaddoo
  • 10 hectares from the north of Th. Kanimeedhoo\
  • Th. Olhufushi as wellas as the sandbank
  • L. Kashidhoo
  • L. Bodumunyafushi
  • L. Dhonberaha as well as Holhurahaa
  • GA. Maarehaa
  • GA. Funadhooviligillaa
  • GDh. Kandahalagalaa
  • GDh. Kadevaarehaa as well as Dhigurehaa
  • GDh. Fereythagillaa (inclusive of a number of other islands)/ Dhekaanbaa/ Koderataa as well as a small 2.9-hectare island neighboring Fereythagillaa.

The tourism land leases have also been reduced recently by the government in light of amendments brought to the related laws as the government aims to amp up the tourism of the south and north of the Maldives. The Ministry has previously estimated that this year would be a prosperous one for tourism.