Naifaru under monitoring mechanisms after COVID-19 case detected

Lh. Naifaru.

Lh. Naifaru has been placed under monitoring mechanisms, due to a COVID-19 case identified on the island.  

The Lh. Atoll Hospital stated that the case had recently traveled to R. Ungoofaaru. Authorities in the Maldives have requested anyone who traveled from R. Ungoofaaru after March 2 to report themselves, after cases were identified in the island. 

The Lh. Atoll Hospital stated that the positive case was identified from random sampling collected from those who had travelled to R. Ungoofaaru. 

The island council has said that contact tracing on the island is now underway. Atoll Hospital manager Jaufaru Abdulla stated that the positive case was an employee of the hospital and that the hospital was closed for contact tracing. 

20 people have bee3n identified from contact tracing while there are 60 in quarantine after traveling to Ungoofaaru.