PPM: Action will be taken after inquiry of candidate charged with child abuse

Ahmed Mohamed, Vincent, GDh. Gadhdhoo.

PPM has said that it will take action against a candidate nominated by the party for the upcoming local council elections after it was revealed that the candidate is charged with multiple instances of child sexual abuse.

Mohamed Ahmed from Vincent, GDh. Gadhdhoo is charged with the commission of child sexual abuse in 2015 during his previous term in the council. The case is still underway at the Magistrate Court of Gadhdhoo when PPM nominated him for the council presidency in the upcoming elections. 

New charges have also since been brought up against Ahmed for an incident reported late last year. Ahmed is currently held at the Maafushi Prison in relation to the case reported most recently. Public Prosecutor Ahmed Shafeeu confirmed to Sun that Mohamed Ahmed was facing two charges in the incident reported last year. The charges revolve around possession of pornographic material and showing pornographic content to a minor. The new charges were made in November last year.

A statement issued by PPM, the party he represents, last night read that the party had come to know of the charges made against Ahmed and would find out the truth behind the charges and before taking any necessary steps and measures. The party’s legal team would also look into any measures that can be undertaken, read the statement. 

PPM also said that even though being charged with a crime does not necessarily mean that a person can be restricted from contesting an election, it was the viewpoint of the party and its political coalition and something that the coalition advocated for that cases related to sexual abuse should be decided on a fast track.

The statement further went on to state that the party would never back or support or accept sexual abuse and harassment and condemned such vile activity in the harshest terms. 

“Mee Magey Raajje” the campaign slogan of the party was focused on providing a peaceful life for the public and especially for children and women as well as senior citizens in a community of kindness, read the party statement. 

“And so, the party assures that it will look into the complaint related to the accused in the case, and take all necessary action. We also call to fast-track the case and a finite decision to be taken on the matter by the authorities,” read the statement by PPM.

A source familiar with Mohamed Ahmed said to Sun that Ahmed with bad intentions had texted vulgar and vile messages to a minor studying in Grade 10 last year.

“This time he was arrested for texting a minor on Snapchat. The family reported the matter. Screen recordings of the texts had even been circulated,” said the source. 

Vulgar text messages sent by Ahmed to a minor were also received by Sun. The messages showed Ahmed had sent pornographic material and content to the recipient. The source said that Mohamed Ahmed had served as a school teacher and even as the Imam of the island before being elected as a councilor.

Since the cases have not yet been decided by the courts, the Elections Commission has not made a decision on the candidacy of Mohamed Ahmed. PPM had initially not responded to the case when contacted by Sun