COVID-19 cases in Baarah rise to 31

HA. Baarah. (Photo/Facebook/Baarah)

With six new cases this week, COVID-19 cases in Baarah, a residential island in HA. Atoll, has risen to 31.

Health Emergency Operations Center (HEOC) spokesperson Dr. Nazla Rafeeg announced during a press conference on Tuesday that Baarah confirmed five new cases on Monday and one new case on Sunday.

The first cases in Baarah were nine people who were tested after completing home quarantine in the island. The disease spread within the island after residents of the house where they were quarantined in had contact with them, and they, in turn, had contact with other residents of the island.

Maldives has 21,034 confirmed COVID-19 cases, including 115 new cases on Tuesday. 18,428 patients have since recovered, while 64 have died from complications.

The country currently has 2,535 active cases. 165 of the patients are hospitalized.