Maldives takes part in travel fair in Turkey

Maldives has taken part in the annual Travel Turkey Izmir Digital Fair (TTI), aiming to boost Maldives’ brand presence and attract more arrivals from the region.

The 14th TTI Fair – the first virtual travel exhibition in Turkey - took place in the historic city of Izmir from February 25 – 27.

Maldives was represented in the fair by Visit Maldives (MMPRC) and other travel and tourism businesses in Maldives.

They focused their efforts on promoting Maldives as a as a safe haven for travelers amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic by emphasizing on the unique geographical formation of the Maldivian islands and the one-island-one-resort concept which makes Maldives one of the most secluded, peaceful and safe holiday destinations.

Turkey is a promising market for tourist arrivals to Maldives.

Turkish Airlines operates direct flights between Istanbul and Male’, and Visit Maldives has announced plans to roll out additional marketing activities targeting travelers from Turkey in the coming days.

Despite the pandemic, 3,164 tourists visited Maldives from Turkey last year.