Two random samples in Meedhoo positive for COVID-19

Hulhumeedhoo, Addu City.

Health authorities confirmed on Saturday that two random samples taken from the Meedhoo district of Addu City has tested positive for COVID-19.

An official from Meedhoo Health Center told Sun identified the people who tested positive from random sampling as a female 10th grader and her father – who works as a muezzin.

“We are looking into additional details and conducting contact tracing,” said the official.

It marks the first time for cases to be confirmed outside the two active clusters in Addu City.

While there are 26 active cases in Hulhumeedhoo, they are all migrant workers from a worksite in the district.

“26 migrant workers in Hulhumeedhoo have tested positive. But this is the first time for a resident of Meedhoo to test positive,” said the official.

No case has yet to be identified in Hulhudhoo.

Active COVID-19 cases in Addu City now stand at to 66. They include 26 cases in Hulhumeedhoo, 20 cases in Hithadhoo, 14 cases in Feydhoo, four cases in Maradhoo-Feydhoo, and the two cases in Meedhoo.