Emirates passenger numbers highest, Qatar Airways and Indigo follow

Emirates flight lands at Velana International Airport on July 16, 2020. (Photo/MACL)

The Tourism Ministry of the Maldives has stated that Emirates is the airline that brings the highest number of passengers to the Maldives out of the 27 international airlines currently operating to the Maldives. 

Statistics of the Ministry show that Emirates had transported 16,438 passengers from January 1-27. This is a total of 200 flight movements. The airline operated four flights to the Maldives during the peak tourist season and normally conducts three flights per day between Dubai and the Maldives. 

Since the airline operates to a spade of destinations across the globe, the airline is frequently preferred by tourists traveling to the Maldives from all over the world.

The airline, after Qatar Airways, was the second airline to commence operations to the Maldives after the border reopening in July 2020. 

Qatar Airways has also played an important role in transporting tourists with 10,432 passengers traveling from the airline to the Maldives from January 1-27. This is a total of 178 flight movements. 

Indigo, is the next airline with the highest number of arrivals. The airline conducts direct flights to the Maldives from four major cities in India. They are Kochi, Mumbai, New Delhi, and Bangalore. Indigo transported 9,231 passengers with 158 flight movements. India is the second biggest tourist source market to the Maldives. 

The highest number of tourists to the Maldives are recorded from Russia, with Aeroflot transporting 8,968 passengers in January alone. Daily flights are held by the airline. 

Other airlines with high passenger numbers include Turkish Airlines, National carrier Maldivian, Fly Dubai, Azur Air Russia, Air Astana, and Lufthansa as well as Azur Air Ukraine.

Up until January 27, the Maldives had recorded 78,237 tourists with average daily numbers of around 2,898. Tourists spend around 9.2 days in the Maldives on average.