Maldives has recorded more than 47,000 tourists so far in 2021

Tourists at Velana International Airport (VIA) on December 27, 2020. (Sun Photo/Ibrahim Ifaz)

Statistics of the Tourism Ministry has shown that the Maldives has so far received 47,079 tourists in 2021. 

The figures show that the highest number of tourist arrivals was observed on January 3, with 4,195 tourists. While the Maldives had observed a high number of tourists as 2020 ended and saw similar figures in the New Year holidays, the tourist arrival figures currently remain the same on average. The average figure for tourist arrivals is 2,900 per day. 

Russia remains the top market for the Maldives with 12,029. India comes next with 8,042 tourists while 4,292 Ukrainian tourists, 2,318 Kazakh tourists, and 2,030 Romanian tourists had been also been observed.  

The Maldives has seen strong growth in terms of tourism from Central and Eastern Europe as well as the Middle East. However, due to the discovery of new variants of COVID-19, arrival figures from some top markets for tourism to the Maldives has been hampered. This includes the UK, which had consistently remained among the top 5 tourist markets for the Maldives as of recently. 

Currently, there are 42,300 tourist beds in operation with a total of 582 facilities. They include 141 resorts/marinas, 11 hotels, 133 safaris, and 297 guesthouses.