More than 300 tourist establishments operational in Maldives

A guest relations officer from a resort (R) converses with a tourist (L) at Velana International Airport. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

Statistics of the Tourism Ministry have shown that the Maldives currently has 138 marina/resorts as well as 182 guesthouses as tourist establishments in operation. 

The 182 guesthouses are distributed across 10 atolls in the nation with a total bed capacity of 3,402 beds. There are guesthouses in 29 islands across the nation with the biggest concentration being in K. Atoll. 

Nine hotels and 129 safaris are also in operation. The nation currently has a total bed capacity of 39,193. Two new resorts are also expected to come into operation before the end of the year. 

The Maldives has achieved its target of 500,000 tourist arrivals and has now received 118,827 tourists since the border reopening in July. 

The highest number of tourists are recorded from Russia with a total of 23,226. India comes next with 18,758 tourists while from the UK 12,372 tourists were recorded. 6,715 tourists from the USA and 5,480 tourists from the UAE have also been recorded. The figures are inclusive of the tourist arrivals since the border reopening. 

On average, the Maldives has received around 2,500 tourists per day in December, with a total of 20 international airlines currently operating to the Maldives.