State expenditure at MVR 25b, income at MVR 13.2b

In this photo, a women is seen crossing a busy street in Male' city. The densely populated capital city has a high number of traffic accidents and violations compared to other parts of the country. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

Financial statistics of the Finance Ministry have shown that the state had spent MVR 25 billion in 2020 so far. 

Statistics published by the Finance Ministry show that up until last week, the state earned MVR 13.2 billion. The biggest source of income was by 76 percent.

MVR 10 billion was received as taxes while MVR 2.4 billion was received as non-tax income. 

MVR 9 billion was spent on wages and remunerations while MVR 118 million was spent on transport. MVR 1 billion was spent on Aasandha while MVR 840.7 million was spent as loan repayments.

For PSIP projects, the state had spent about MVR 3.9 billion.