Ministry cancels agricultural lease announcement for B. Maaddoo

B. Maaddoo.

The Fisheries and Agriculture Ministry has announced that the island of B. Maaddoo is no longer to be leased for agricultural purposes after a prior announcement announcing that the island along with several others were to be leased for the purpose. 

The government announced in October that the islands of H. A. Madulu, Sh. Kakaaeriyadhoo, Sh. Neyo, N. Tholhendhoo, B. Maaddoo, G. Dh. Oinigillaa were to be leased for agricultural purposes for a period of 21 years. 

Maaddoo has now be retracted from the list by the Ministry which added that any payments made for the lease of the island will be repaid. 

The islands were to be leased to increase the food capacity of the country by agricultural economic activities such as farming.