Speaker Nasheed links attack on female taxi driver with extremism

Speaker of the parliament Mohamed Nasheed.

Speaker of the Parliament Mohamed Nasheed has linked an attack on the vehicle of Aminath Waheedha, who is the only female taxi driver in Male’ City, with extremism. 

Nasheed was speaking in today’s parliamentary sitting, during the debates regarding the emergency issue submitted for the attack. 

Nasheed said that parliamentarians were posed with a wide question with the attack which is connected with extremism. He said that the attack was focused on confining women to their homes. 

“This is organized work of force by individuals to shape the society into the shape of this ideology.” Said Nasheed who added that extremists wished to keep women confined to their homes rather than out working.

“Extremists wish to keep women at home as servants, to rear children, as mothers, as people to fulfill their sexual desires.” Said Nasheed. 

He also alleged that these activities were often connected with state institutions. 

“You, honorable MPs, are asking whether there is participation from other state institutions in these arrangements. This is another reason to worry.” Said Nasheed.

MDP PG leader and MP for Central Henveiru Ali Azim submitted the emergency issue which calls to encourage women in their work to earn income. The issue also expresses concern for the attack and calls to investigate and punish those responsible for the attack. 

Aminath Waheedha’s car has been vandalized on five separate occasions. She has called for assistance from the public and police to find a permanent solution to the attacks which disrupt her source of income.