Maldives added to Qatar’s Green List

Qatar Airways flight at Velana International Airport. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

Maldives has been added to Qatar’s Green List, offering an ease in quarantine requirements for travellers from Maldives to Qatar.

Qatar’s Ministry of Public Health updated the Green List to include Maldives on Thursday.

With this decision, travellers from Maldives to Qatar will be required to undergo a week of quarantine at home. They will be required to re-test for COVID-19 on the sixth day.

Prior to being added on the Green List, travellers from Maldives to Qatar were required to undergo 14 days of quarantine at a designated facility.

Qatar’s Green List is revised and updated based on local and global public health indicators. The daily COVID-19 infection rate in Maldives has remained steady over the past couple of weeks, with an average daily infection rate of 30 cases – primarily from the greater Male’ region.

The decision to add Maldives to the Green List is expected to boost tourist arrivals from Qatar, a key source market for tourist arrivals to Maldives.

Qatar’s flag carrier, Qatar Airways had been the first international passenger flight to arrive in Maldives when the country reopened its borders on July 15, and has carried over 13,000 passengers to Maldives since then.

Following the drop in infection rate and strengthened safety measures in Maldives, the United Kingdom too, has lifted travel restrictions for Maldives, adding the country to its Global Safe Travel List.

Maldives is currently open to all tourists, provided they have proof of a negative COVID-19 PCR test taken maximum 96 hours before departure from their original destination.