Nasheed instructs committee to look into lack of charges in ventilator scandal

Speaker of the Parliament Mohamed Nasheed. (Photo/Parliament)

Speaker of the Parliament Mohamed Nasheed has requested the Judiciary Committee of the parliament to look into the case of the ventilator scandal and as to why charges could not be brought forward in relation to the case. 

Nasheed’s request comes after the Prosecutor General’s Office declined to bring charges in the case due to a lack of evidence from the Anti-Corruption Commission investigation.

“[PG Hussain Shameem] has said that there is not enough evidence from the investigation conducted by the ACC and police. Due to this disagreement, I am instructing the Judiciary Committee of the parliament to look into this matter.” Said Nasheed. 

Nasheed called to find those responsible for the scandal and for the parliament to remain vigilant until the damages or losses inflicted on the state is recovered. 

“That is the work assigned under the constitution on the parliament. It is also the wide mandate stated under the parliament regulation. The basic tenet of what you honorable MPs stated to the people who elected you.” Said Nasheed. 

The ACC has been on the receiving end of stern criticism due to the lack of charges in the case. It has now announced that it will be reviewing the case again.