Parliament places 2 constitutional amendments on agenda

A Parliament session underway. (Photo/Parliament)

Two amendments to the constitution have been placed on the agenda of the parliament in today’s sitting. 

The amendments include changing the composition of the Judicial Service Commission and the system of governance in the Maldives. The first reading of the bills was carried out today. 

Amendment calling for the change in the system of governance was proposed by MP for Kaashidhoo Abdulla Jabir while the amendment regarding the Judicial Service Commission was proposed by MP for Mahibadhoo Ahmed Thariq. 

After the readings, the Parliament will then debate on whether or not to accept the bills. If the bills go through they will be forwarded to the relevant committee to be evaluated. A final vote will be asked after the process where the committee could make changes to the bill. 

Changing the composition of the JSC is a pledge of the current government which has a supermajority in the parliament. Opposition parties have also called for the move after nearly two years in power for the administration saw the lack of such an amendment. 

A change to the constitution requires the vote of 65 MPs. MDP the main party of the governing coalition alone has 65 seats.