Program to train students to search for asteroids set to commence

School students gather for an assembly to mark the beginning of the academic new year 2020 on January 12, 2020. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

A program to train school students to search for asteroids is to be commenced by the Institute for Global Success (IGS) in the Maldives. 

IGS is an institute working to train and build a generation of students for the future of the Maldives. The Institute stated that the training program is focused on Grades 8-12 and is open for the entire country.

Students will be taught to search for asteroids based on information from telescopes situated all over the globe. Volunteers to conduct the program are now being sought by the IGS. 

The volunteers themselves will be trained, said the IGS, which added that a mere four hours will be spent for training students every month.

IGS CEO and Founder Mohamed Riffath said that the volunteer trainers and students completing the program will be awarded a certificate from NASA.

Volunteers can now sign up by emailing [email protected] The deadline for the applications is set on October 12.