COVID-19: Cases from Kadhdhoo increase to 59

L. Kadhdhoo.

Individuals that have tested positive for COVID-19 from the island of L. Kadhdhoo has increased to 59.

Health Protection Agency (HPA) had announced 35 cases from the island up until yesterday. HPA last night revealed that a further 24 cases have been identified from the island. 

Those tested positive include MNDF military personnel on the island for training purposes. They are 25 servicemen who were camped near the Kashikoli area of L. Gan. The area is uninhabited by locals and the servicemen were camped there for a training camp. They tested positive from 93 samples collected on October 1, according to Gan Regional Hospital.

They were included as quarantined cases in Kadhdhoo after the authorities clarified that the servicemen were quarantined in Kadhdhoo.

HPA discloses information regarding cases every day, including positive cases from other islands in the nation. The MNDF camp cluster is now denoted as positive cases identified in quarantine from the island of Kadhdhoo.