Maldives records more than 18,000 tourists since reopening

July 15, 2020: Photo shows a tourist at Velana International Airport. The Maldives welcomed its first tourists in more than three months on July 15. A Qatar Airways flight landed at the Velana International Airport in the morning. The Maldives closed its borders on March 27, due to the situation with COVID-19. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

Since Maldives reopened its borders on July 15, more than 18,000 tourists arrivals have been recorded.  

The Maldives saw a total of 18,867 tourists since reopening. This includes 9,538 tourists in September alone, which is a 25 percent increase when compared to the month before. The Maldives recorded the highest number of tourists in September from Russia.

Tourist market statistics:

  • Russia: 2,065
  • UAE: 1,029
  • USA: 935
  • UK: 625
  • Spain: 466

Based on average statistics, Maldives saw an average of 100 tourists per day in July while in August, the average statistics were at 218. In September however, the statistics stood at 318, an increase of 45.9 percent. In September, the Maldives recorded 696 tourists in a single day, showing promising growth in tourist arrivals.