Resorts asked to grant workers 14 additional days for quarantine when on leave

A guest relations officer from a resort (R) converses with a tourist (L) at Velana International Airport. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

Tourism Ministry has appealed to the management of tourist resorts to ascertain the rights of their workers.

In a press conference at Health Emergency Operations Center (HEOC) on Monday, Deputy Tourism Minister Assad Riza commended resort workers for their hard work and sacrifice amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Public Health Act establishes that employers must grant a special leave for employees who require quarantine due to COVID-19.

Assad appealed to management of resorts to grant their workers an additional 14 days for quarantine when they travel on their annual leave, or when they take their off days together.

“I strongly appeal… the staffs are legally entitled to certain leaves from management of resorts.  When they travel to their islands to visit their families after collecting their off days, or on their annual leave, they undergo 14 days of quarantine, and once they complete it and meet their families, they have exhausted their leave. Instead of this, I ask that managements grant staff an additional 14 days for quarantine when they go on leave,” he said.

Health Protection Agency (HPA)’s guidelines require for resort workers to complete 14 days of quarantine when travelling from their resort to residential islands, as a measure to prevent COVID-19 transmissions within local communities.

There are currently 24 active cases among resort workers.

Speaking at the press conference, Assad commended the efforts of the tourism sector to revive the Maldivian economy as it faces unprecedented challenges amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.