Police search for 11 migrants who fled from quarantine facilities

Maldives Police Service announced on Tuesday they are searching for 11 migrant workers who have fled quarantine facilities.

The police have released the identified of the 11 migrant workers, and stated that all 11 migrant workers are undocumented, and fled quarantine facilities to avoid being deported.

All 11 workers are Bangladeshi nationals. They are:

  1. Ropak Kuri, Lakshmipur, Bangladesh (Passport number BM0938722)
  2. Bachu, Comilla, Bangladesh (Passport number BR0872347)
  3. M.D Sahada Mathubbaru, Faridpur, Bangladesh (Passport number BH0071527)
  4. M.D Milon Sheikh, Jhenaidah, Bangladesh (Passport number BX0843257)
  5. Soman Ahmed, Bangladesh (Passport number BX0876943)
  6. Rab, Comilla, Bangladesh (Passport number BE0857437)
  7. Mohamed Rubel Miah, Comilla, Bangladesh (Passport number BE0329984)
  8. Maznu Paramanik, Rajbari, Bangladesh (Passport number BJ0081953)
  9. M.D Shaha Ali, Rajbari, Bangladesh (Passport number BM0067339)
  10. Khokon Malik, Chandpur, Bangladesh (Passport number BX0536661)
  11. Shahadath Hosein, Chandpur, Bangladesh (Passport number BE0524543)

The police have contacted anyone which information regarding the whereabouts of the 11 workers to contact the General Investigations Department at 9631696.

Many migrant workers living in congested labor quarters in Male’ City have been moved to quarantine facilities in light of the coronavirus outbreak in the capital. Thousands of migrant workers who wished to return to their home country or were found to be undocumented have been repatriated.